iPhone 5S Rumour Roundup: News And Rumours About Apple’s Next iPhone

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iPhone 5 is speculated to receive an upgrade this year

The iPhone fever is at its peak with innumerable speculations and rumor-hawking about the launch of iPhone 5S doing the rounds among the fans. When it comes to the wish list for iPhone 5S, it is like flies present at a summer picnic but the fact that needs to be admitted is how exactly will the iPhone look will be confirmed after Tim Cook reveals it this year. However, this doesn’t deter many of the tech geeks from making educated guesses.

Here is a round up of all the rumors that have been hovering around:

•Screen: is most probably going to be around four inches long using IGZO display technology from Sharp. This means that the screens would be thinner as the technology uses small transistors that make use of less LED’s, thereby consuming less power and space.

•Peripherals: As far as the signals point to anything meaningful, it surely means that the iPhone 5S will have a smaller 19 pin dock connector named as Lightning Connector. Moreover there are also some unconfirmed reports that the Apple ear buds might see up gradation for the earlier versions have failed to make any significant mark till now.

•iOS 6: This news has been confirmed at WWDC in June that the iPhone 5S will come with iOS 6. Only a small doze of iOS at WWDC confirms that it will feature new features like Passbook and a mapping system from Apple.

•Near Field Communication: There had been some rumors that iPhone 5S will be having NFC but this seems to be a long shot and a false alarm as Apple would most probably push its own Passport application other than going for the former option.

•Network Connectivity: Since last year Apple has been seen installing LTE equipment in its supplies, hence it won’t appear as a surprise to see the iPhone 5S equipped with 4G LTE which has also been confirmed by the references of the internal search engine to LTE iPhone. However with the adoption of IGZO technology, Apple need not worry about the battery life also which is the highest priority for any Apple iPhone.

•Release Date: Keep your fingers crossed for the official announcement for the release of iPhone 5S will be made on September 12 this year. Moreover if iMore reports are to be believed then this version of iPhone will be announced along with new iPad mini on the same day to be released on September 21.

•Siri: which had been till date powered by Audience tech seems to have been ditched by Apple but whether this information means good or bad news for the lovers of this application will be decided only when the iPhone is actually released and put to use.

Since Apple works on more than one design at one point of time, hence it should not be a shock to see a whole new final design although with similar specifications when the product hits them markets ultimately