Latest Home Gadgets 2018

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Have a look at our favourite home modifications for 2018

Remote Control Opening Rooflights

EOS provides opening rooflights combining efficient and minimal design with effortless automation.

Open and close your skylight by remote control to let the fresh air in to your living space with no hassle.

Choose a remote control opening skylight for cutting edge design with an integrated motor for a seamless finish internally. The rooflights are designed for simple installation.

With double glazing for maximum insulation you can have a stylish home without sacrificing any warmth. Stock sizes can be delivered in 3 – 5 days.

Shop rooflights here.

teptronTeptron MOVE Bluetooth Blinds Motor

Control your shades and blinds with the Teptron MOVE Bluetooth Blinds Motor.

Teptron MOVE easily fits on all shades and blinds and is quick and simple to install.

Download the app and control every blind in your home from your smartphone.

Great for people with less mobility or those who enjoy being able to control their home from the comfort of the sofa.

Find out more here.

faucetAutowater Smart Faucet Adapter

A simple motion detection system which automatically turns on the tap when you bring your hands underneath.

Saves water as well helping prevent the spread of germs from dirty hands.

Great for families and pet owners.

Check them out on indiegogo

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