Amazon takes iPad mini head-on, slams it in comparison with Kindle Fire HD

Written on:October 29, 2012

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Kindle iPad mini

Kindle Fire HD takes on iPad mini in a comparison by Amazon

Apple iPad mini is now under attack from Amazon after being called a ‘recreational tablet’ by Microsoft. Amazon mocked the iPad mini by comparing the features of Apple’s entry in the small tablet market to Kindle Fire HD. Amazon was descriptive in its advertisement listing the shortcomings of the iPad mini.

Kindle Fire HD was portrayed better by the Seattle-based online retail group through a listing of features pertaining to both the tablets. With a direct comparison, Amazon seems to be taking an aggressive approach towards the marketing of Kindle Fire HD, which is reported to bring in good sales for the company.

Amazon has compared the display, price and Wi-Fi features between the two tablets. Amazon’s US home page shows the details of the mocking that Amazon has laid on Apple’s small tablet. A feature which is listed, iPad mini’s display renders 163 pixels per inch while Kindle Fire HD display carries 216 pixels per inch.

Amazon also compared the prices of the two tablets which revealed Kindle Fire HD was cheaper than the iPad mini by £110. iPad mini pricing has come under the scanner of many technological avenues as they accused Apple of charging more for less features. Amazon also listed the Ultrafast MIMO Wi-Fi for Kindle Fire HD whereas the Apple Wi-Fi column was left blank.

In a statement released to technology blog, AllThingsD, Amazon revealed that Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD achieved increased sales after the announcement of iPad mini. With this marketing campaign, Amazon joins the ranks of Samsung, which has been applying dirty marketing tactics to dismantle Apple’s consumer base.