PS4 Release Date In 2013 Confirmed, Asda Taking Pre-orders In UK For £20

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Asda has started taking pre-orders for PS4 at £20

< PS4 release date has not yet been announced by Sony but Asda has started taking pre-orders for the gaming console in the UK for just £20. Asda is the second retailer after GAME to open pre-orders for PS4 console. Consumers pre-ordering their consoles from Asda will receive the console, when it releases before the regular orders from other consumers. The release date of PS4 in the UK is tipped by the end of the year; Asda, however has not indicated the total price of the console, which was unveiled by the Japanese conglomerate in February this year. Consumers have been restricted to one PS4 pre-order per person. Asda has also put a disclaimer that it will not be responsible for any delay in the release date from Sony.   The online retailer has cleared every nuance of the pre-order as a statement on the website read, “If there is more than one version or bundle of the Sony PlayStation 4 at launch in Asda, we will give You a choice on which version You would like to buy.” Sony has not yet revealed the specs sheet of PS4, but reports suggest that the Japanese conglomerate would be revealing the console before Microsoft unveils Xbox 720.

PS4 specs are reported to include 8GB of RAM and high powered PC-based architecture along with Dual Shock 4 controller, which features a sensor to detect the user. PS4 and Xbox 720 have engaged the gaming community in a lively discussion as to which console is the best. Microsoft is yet to announce or even confirm the creation of the next Xbox.

GameStop Vice President, Michael Hogan had earlier stated that Sony might be planning a global PS4 release date in 2017, but the exact date still remains a mystery. With Sony yet to reveal the console, speculations about the release of the console will continue to flourish. Have you pre-ordered PS4 at Asda

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