Samsung Galaxy S3 Finally In UK, Grand Europe Launch Today

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< The most awaited Samsung smartphone, Galaxy S3, makes its entry in Europe today. The top-of-the-range Galaxy phone aims to outsell it’s predecessor Galaxy S2, which dethroned Apple as the world’s largest smartphone maker. The S3 from the splendid Samsung Galaxy family boasts of having the widest screen size on any smartphone – a mouth-watering 4.8 inch display. The other spectacular features include HD 30fps high-speed video, powerful 1.4GHz Exynos 4 Quad processor and net energy savings of 20 percent. The ‘next big smartphone’ hits the European and Middle Eastern markets in 28 countries including the UK and is expected to exceed the worldwide sales of Galaxy S2′s 20 million units. The launch of Galaxy S3 almost a quarter ahead of it’s main rival gives it a brilliant head start to carry the legacy of Samsung Galaxy family. The pre-orders on this device is a clear indicator of S3′s probable dominance of the world smartphone market. The prices will vary depending on the contracts, a 16 gigabyte model will cost approximately £189 under a 12-month contract with Vodafone in the UK. Top global carriers around the world have already started promoting the S3 aggressively. “In the two years that we’ve been offering pre-orders, it’s the most pre-ordered Android device we’ve had in our line up”, said a spokesperson for Vodafone UK. Samsung rose to power in the global smartphone market with the first phone from the Galaxy family in 2010 and thereafter has been hugely successful in defeating bigger rivals Nokia and Research In Motion. The success story continued when Galaxy S2 helped Samsung emerge as the world leader in smartphones. <