Samsung Galaxy S3 Hits Bullseye, To Sell 10 Million By July

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Samsung Electronics, one of the world’s largest smartphone makers, expects to sell 10 million units of Galaxy S3 by July.

The projected sales figures if achieved will make Samsung Galaxy S3 as the largest selling phone in the South Korean manufacturer’s history. The global launch of the smartphone earlier this year has changed the face of smartphone market.

The European launch of the phone saw the sales charts going northwards and the company was out-of-stock for the units in major countries due to increased demands.

Samsung’s mobile phone division head, Shin Jong-kyun said, “We are getting far better feedback on the model overseas than what we experienced with the Galaxy S I and II.”

The previous two versions of Samsung Galaxy together sold about 50 million units in the last two years, which shows the immense drift in preference of the mobile users to phones which justify the tag of ‘smart’phone.

On May 29, the flagship Samsung phone went on sale in 28 countries in Europe and the company plans on expansion by introducing the product in another 147 countries across Europe by July.

The production of the phone has fallen short due to high demands in the global markets. The phone has already sold one million units domestically and increased production would be done said Shin, “Our production has fallen short of demand so far but supply conditions will improve around next week.”

Analysts believe that Samsung will be able to meet its forecast sales since it will be eager to cash in on the time period before Autumn, when Apple is expected to launch their new iPhone 5.