Samsung Galaxy S4 Release: Specs, Price and Release Date

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Galaxy S4 release: Specs, price, release date

< The date for the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 release has finally been announced putting to rest wide speculations that have been doing the rounds in the mobile industry across the globe. It is likely to be available in stores in UK by end of April this year. Being hailed as the iPhone beater, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been able to stun the critics with a range of innovative and user friendly features that is sure to put Apple on its toes now. Samsung Galaxy S4 Design: Retaining the uniqueness of the Samsung galaxy S3, this advancement goes a step further with even more slim body (7.9 mm) that weighs just 130 gms. Coming in two colour options of Black Mist and White Frost, this phone has the feel of a true high end model.

Bigger Screen for Samsung Galaxy S4: Another improvement over the S3 has been the 5 in Full HD Super AMOLED screen at 441 ppi which puts the Samsung Galaxy S4 among the best of the high density phones ever released. The screen senses hand gestures such as waving, pointing and swiping to produce amazing functions which shall remain one of the USPs of the Samsung S4.

Samsung S4 Operating System: Running on the Android 4.2.2 Jellybean operating system, there are two options of operating systems with the Octa-Core Samsung Exynos 5 processor slated for the 1.6 GHz variant and the Quad-Core version for the 1.9 GHz model as per the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 news. The chip has an eight core design based on the ARM’s big.LITTLE concept in which the higher and more demanding functions will be supported by 4 powerful Cortex-A15 cores while the base functions are looked after by the 4 lower-power Cortex-A7 models.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications: There are two cameras with the rear one being of 13 megapixels and flash with high shutter speed, the front camera is of 2 megapixels. The real surprise in the Samsung Galaxy S4 lies in the fact that both the cameras can be operated simultaneously. The front camera senses head movements to pause a video being played when you turn away your head. It uses the 2600mAh battery which is bigger than that of the S3 to support the larger screen and enhanced functionalities that accompany it. The storage will be available in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB options with provision for micro SD slot for another extra 64 GB space.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Connectivity: The phone completely supports the 4G LTE network and can provide up to a download speed of 100Mbit/s and an upload speed of 50Mbit/s. There is improved wi-fi connectivity with the new 802.11ac that gives speeds up to 200 Mbits/s enabling superfast broadband connections with the Samsung galaxy S4. The NFC feature will make the phone compatible with Google Wallet making transactions a lot easier.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Price and Release date: The latest Samsung Galaxy S4 release news indicate that the phone will be priced around £499 for the UK market which has been accepted well among the eagerly waiting Samsung fans. S4 release date in the UK is varied among the retailers, but it falls in the purview of April 24-26.

The wonderful and encouraging Samsung Galaxy S4 from across the world imply a stiff competition in the arena of high end smart phones in the days to come.