As you are no doubt aware, technology is advancing rapidly. The improvements and innovations are numerous and make it possible to simplify the use of your devices but also to bring new rather interesting features to them.


Airprint for iPhone

In terms of printers, it’s the same thing. In the old days, you had to use many wires to connect the printer to your PC and then plug it into an electrical outlet. In the end, although the printers were interesting, their use was rather tedious.

But nowadays, did you know that it is possible to print documents, over Wi-Fi? Yes you read that correctly, thanks to an internet connection, printing can be done over Wi-Fi. And precisely, Apple has developed a technology called AirPrint which allows you to print over Wi-Fi on an iPhone or a Mac.

AirPrint, a simple and very practical concept

As explained above, AirPrint technology, developed by Apple, allows printing using the Wi-Fi network from an iPhone or a Mac. The advantage is that AirPrint is very easy to use and does not require any driver downloads. In other words, if you have a printer compatible with AirPrint technology, you can use it very easily.

But which devices are compatible with AirPrint technology?

In terms of printers, be aware that most models currently on the market are compatible with AirPrint technology. However, before buying your printer, check the box for its compatibility.

Regarding Apple devices, you must have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 minimum (Pixypia explains through several tutorials to find out which version of your iOS is) or a Mac running OS X 10.9 minimum.

Then, to be able to print all your documents, nothing could be simpler, a quick tour in the settings to find and select the printer and you’re done. In other words, using AirPrint technology to print over Wi-Fi on iPhone and Mac won’t be a problem for you.

Which printers to choose?

Most printers these days are compatible with this technology from Apple, however, there are many different models. In that case, if you don’t know which printer to choose, here are some rather interesting models:

1. Brother MFC-9330CDW

This laser printer is, of course, AirPrint compatible. Intended for intensive use, it is intended above all for professionals. Indeed, this printer is capable of printing up to 1,500 documents per month, whether from your computer, your Mac or your iPhone. As it is a model especially intended for the pros, its price is a little high (around 250 €) but it is a very good model.

2. HP Deskjet 3639

This printer is a 3 in 1 model, which means that it is a printer, scanner and copier. AirPrint compatible with iPhone and iPad, this printer will cost you only around 50 €, which is rather affordable. This printer is an inkjet model which will be well suited for personal use, especially since it is very easy to use.

3. Epson Workforce WF-7720DTWF

Are you looking for a good inkjet printer with great connectivity and lots of features? In this case, this model will certainly suit you. Costing just over $ 100, this printer is AirPrint compatible with iPhone and iPad and lets you print up to 500 pages per month, plus it delivers great print quality. In other words, it is certainly one of the models to be favored.

As you will understand, thanks to Apple’s AirPrint technology, document printing has become extremely easy. Requiring no special set-up, this technology allows you to use Wi-Fi for easier printing. Of course, the print quality remains unchanged whether you print conventionally or using AirPrint. So don’t forget, if you want to buy a new printer, remember to check that AirPrint compatibility is present. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it, especially since most current printers offer this feature.

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