Yes the Blueair Classic 480i air purifier! Now that we all work from home, many people have developed a renewed respect for air conditioners. However uncomfortable such a blowing airflow in your neck or face may be, the more pleasant it is to have fresh air in your room.

Since the lockdown, that has become a thing: everyone is at home, attends school or works from home. and that does little good for the air quality. Air purifiers are becoming more and more popular. They filter fine dust and thus prevent consequences for the respiratory tract or other health problems. In addition, they relieve hay fever! Our indoor air is about five times more polluted than outside and we spend about 90% of our time indoors or more. Time to improve that air quality.

Blueair Classic 480i Review

For a while we had the top model of the Swedish company Blueair in house, the Classic 480i. By the way, there is nothing ‘classics’ about this model: it is packed with high-tech gadgets. The model owes its name to the design, which is based on the classic air cleaner model. It is important to look at the capacity of the air purifier.

In any case, it must be at least as powerful to be able to clean up the entire space. More power is allowed, of course. The power is displayed in ACH. The more power, the better the engine and the more air it can move. The Classic 480i is good for rooms of 40 square meters. Quite a large surface!

Ideal place for an Air Purifier

Where you place the air purifier does not really matter that much. In any case, not behind large objects such as a cupboard or sofa, in a strange niche or between plants. Otherwise you will hinder the air flow too much. The air purifier must also be at least 1 meter away from the walls for a good air flow. That’s quite a bit: the cleaner does not stand on wheels, weighs 15 kg and is approximately 50x60cm in size.

A large object to have to put ‘in the middle of the room’. Think about that before purchasing this friend! Blueair recommends leaving the air purifier on constantly, even if only at the lowest setting. You don’t have to leave it for energy consumption, in this mode the 480i consumes only 15w – about 4 LED lamps. In this way, the air purifier monitors the air quality and adjusts its filtration accordingly.

Modern Classic

You can set the Classic 480i via an app. And even better: here you can see what the air quality has been in the house over a period. The app shows the particulate matter in the room, the VOC content, temperature and humidity, with long historical views. Checking these figures is not only interesting, you can also do something with it.

Open a window or door every now and then, for example, and see what that does to the air quality! From the app you can also see the quality of the outside air and you can see how the filters are doing. Under a cover on the top of the air purifier you will find a number of status symbols and control buttons, displayed in brightly colored LED lights.

The Blueair App

Once you have made the link between the Companion app and the air purifier itself, you have a number of extra functions available (in addition to viewing the indoor and outdoor air quality, on various fronts. I did not find the app very accessible, by the way. is small and overloaded with data and it seems designed for a tablet rather than a smartphone. Also, pairing took me twice to get it done. Once the app is paired, you can:

  1. Switch the air purifier on / off remotely
  2. Adjust the airflow rate in three levels (just like with the physical button on top)
  3. Activate the child lock, which deactivates the buttons
  4. Switch on automatic mode or night mode – even with a schedule
  5. Set the brightness of the LED lights

Review on Blueair Classic 480i Conclusion

This air purifier is a big boy, which you have to place a part of the wall for optimal operation. The app is necessary for optimal operation, but it is not really brilliant itself. There is still a lot to be gained there. However, the cleaner does exactly what it is supposed to do: purify the air with complete dedication. When you wear it, you can feel the fresh air flowing past you. Sometimes literally. Dirt particles are quickly and effectively removed from the air.

Even cooking smells disappear like snow in the sun. Do you suffer from strange smells in the house (deodorant, cooking) or hay fever? Then you will certainly benefit from this cleaner. Be aware that the filters have to be replaced regularly, and that you have to invest in that too. Do you just want a cleaner that cleans on its own, without all the statistics, figures and insights? Then you can still go for the Classic 405.

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