The eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity is a practical addition to a vacuum robot. Ease of use, solid suction power and good battery life make it a good deal, which is also affordable at 240 to 300 euros.


eufy HomeVac S11 Review

The eufy brand, which belongs to Anker and focuses on the smart home sector, has launched a new product for household cleaning. We’re talking about the eufy HomeVac S11 cordless vacuum cleaner. It’s not really smart, but in my opinion it is a suitable addition to a vacuum robot. Therefore, I would like to present the device to you in a compact test.

The eufy HomeVac S11 is available in two versions

I have the HomeVac S11 from eufy in the Infinity Edition. This means that not one, but two batteries with 2,500 mAh each are included in the scope of delivery. As a result, you benefit from twice as long runtime when both batteries are charged. Because they can be changed easily in just a few moments. More on this below. Alternatively, there is the 60 Euro cheaper Go Edition with just one battery.

I would describe the scope of delivery of the HomeVac S11 as extensive, but still relatively normal for a cordless vacuum cleaner. In addition to the handle and the dirt container, which is sufficiently large for cleaning the house, there is a long pipe, a floor nozzle with a rotating motorized floor roller, a replacement brush and various nozzles in different shapes for different purposes. That makes the device really versatile. Changing the attachments is easy and simple.

I find the enclosed wall bracket practical, with which the part can find a permanent place on the wall. There the vacuum cleaner can then be supplied with new energy using the charger that is also included. In addition, the nozzles can be attached to the bracket thanks to clips and are always at hand. Visually, the part looks like the well-known cordless vacuum cleaners from other manufacturers.

How well does the eufy HomeVac S11 vacuum?

If you use the HomeVac S11 in the highest mode with 120 AW suction power, one battery charge lasts up to 8 minutes. Then the device is quite loud, but it also sucks carpets properly. The blue and white helper sucks significantly longer with up to 40 minutes if you use the standard mode. In the middle mode it is 25 minutes. That should be enough for cleaning most households, especially if an intelligently navigating vacuum robot has already done good preparatory work. The remaining battery life is unfortunately not shown on a display, but only a few glowing LEDs on the battery itself, but it is enough. You can switch between the modes using a button in the center of the device.

A nice gimmick when vacuuming with the floor nozzle in dark corners are the built-in LEDs for illumination. However, compared to the competition, this is no longer a special feature, but would rather be noticed today if it was missing. The sucked up dirt ends up in said dirt container, the exhaust air is cleaned by a 5-fold filter system before it leaves the device.

The handling is quite pleasant for a cordless vacuum cleaner, since the device is quite light at 1.5 kg and can also be maneuvered well in corners. It is not uncomfortably heavy, so that vacuuming several rooms at a time did not find it particularly annoying or difficult. Unfortunately, the device does not have such a great display as the current Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner has. On the other hand, the eufy device costs much less, the Infinity version is available from Amazon for just under 300 euros.

In the last few weeks I have used the HomeVac S11 several times for thorough house cleaning, i.e. reworking my vacuum robot. He did well in the process. It easily removed loose dirt on smooth floors such as tiles, laminate and the like. It also does well with short-pile carpets. Even with a high-floor carpet in the living room, it pulls out a lot of dirt, even if, as expected, it cannot keep up with a classic and long-serving cylinder vacuum cleaner with a power cord.

A bit annoying: In order for the device to vacuum, you have to keep the switch on the handle pressed. It doesn’t work like this when you’re not using it, which saves the battery. But holding on to the lever for long periods of time is a bit annoying. On the positive side: Emptying the dust container is pleasantly easy. The filter can also be easily removed, washed out if necessary and then used again.

Conclusion on the eufy HomeVac S11

Even if the HomeVac S11 Infinity does not have any smart functions (what for?), In my experience it is still a smart addition – for a vacuum robot. Because let’s be honest: a vacuum cleaner such as B. the eufy RoboVac L70 tested here is a great way to keep surfaces clean on a regular basis. When it comes to vacuuming in corners, however, they quickly reach their limits due to the size of the building. Manual reworking is necessary here, at least from time to time.

And this is exactly where the eufy HomeVac S11 does well. It does not have the highest suction power now, but it is largely sufficient for my purposes. It vacuums smooth surfaces without any problems in the endurance mode. And it also pulls the dirt out of carpets quite successfully in turbo mode. If you don’t have too many carpets with long hair, you can rework the remnants of a vacuum robot so wonderfully and nimbly.

eufy HomeVac S11 Pros:

  • Versatile thanks to many accessories
  • Solid suction power
  • Two batteries in the Infinity edition
  • Low price

eufy HomeVac S11 Cons:

  • Not “smart”
  • No display

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