The IP cameras are becoming more affordable and the specifications are getting better and better. The Imou Ranger 2 also belongs to the segment of cheaper IP cameras. This is an IP camera for home use that is packed with functions, is well secured and of excellent quality.

Imou is the ‘budget’ brand of Dahua, supplier of professional IP cameras for business use. However, the Imou series is not inferior to the professional cameras from Dahua. In recent months we have extensively tested the Imou Ranger 2 and are very satisfied with it!


Imou Ranger 2 Review

Imou Ranger 2 specifications:

Important with an IP camera are the specifications, but also the ease of use and the accompanying app. The most important technical specifications can be found below:

  1. 2 megapixel IP camera with a resolution (1920×1080 pixels)
  2. Rotate PTZ camera 355º and tilt 93º
  3. Built-in Micro SD slot for recordings
  4. ONVIF compatible
  5. Support 2.4Ghz WiFi and Ethernet
  6. Infrared night vision up to 10 meters
  7. Detection of persons
  8. Automatic tracking of detected people
  9. Speaking and listening connection
  10. Privacy Masking

Imou Ranger 2 Installation

Installing the Imou Ranger 2 is very simple, download the Imou app in the App Store and click on the option ‘Add camera’. The app guides you through the installation in a few simple steps and after a few moments you can view the images on your iPhone.

Registering the camera on the WiFi network is also done via the app, the data is sent to the camera via sound signals, a very special way, but a well-functioning method.

Recordings, no cloud storage required

Unlike many other IP cameras, you do not have to take out a cloud storage subscription. The camera is equipped with a Micro SD slot in which you can install an SD card of up to 256GB.

You decide when the camera records. In the app you can indicate whether you are constantly recording, via a recording schedule or only during an event, such as movement. You can also use Geofencing for this; if you are outside a set zone around your house, the motion detection or recordings are automatically activated.

Via the recording history in the Imou app you can easily scroll through a timeline and immediately view the recordings. This works both indoors and outdoors. If you want to use cloud storage, that is of course also possible, the recordings are then stored encrypted in a European data center. The cost for 30 days of cloud storage is € 6.99 at the time of writing. That is an average price for cloud storage, if you do not want any monthly costs, place an SD card in the camera.

Imou Ranger 2 Additional functions

The camera is equipped with the special option to follow people. If a person is detected, the camera will try to follow them. Smaller pets will not be detected to avoid false alerts.

The pictures from the camera are extremely clear and sharp, and not just pictures taken during the day. Even recordings in the dark look excellent thanks to automatic infrared lighting. The image quality of the 2MP camera is certainly better than the average IP camera in the same price range.

The camera comes with a mounting bracket that you can use to mount the camera on the ceiling. Thanks to the PTZ function, you can look around freely (360°) in the room where the camera is placed. It goes without saying that you can also simply place the camera on a cupboard or shelf, but it is advisable to place the camera against the edge so that you can also look down.


Because the camera has night vision and a speaking and listening connection can be established, the camera can also be used in the nursery. But of course you don’t want an outsider to gain access to your camera and view images. For that reason, the video streams are secured and can only be viewed with the correct user data. By default, the camera is provided with a unique password, so no standard admin / admin variant. If you use cloud storage, the images are stored encrypted. The camera’s password (security code) is printed on a sticker on the bottom.

Imou Ranger 2 Final Conclusion

To mention a downside: The Imou app is packed with functions, its layout is not clear. Many options lack a clear description of how they work. You will find out by using options, but this can certainly be improved.

Imou Ranger 2 Pros:

  • Simple design of good materials
  • Good images in all lighting conditions
  • Lots of freedom in setting options
  • Rotate 355º and tilt 93º

Imou Ranger 2 Cons:

  • Layout of the app looks messy here and there