Of course, a great alternative for the apple keyboard and mouse! Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, many people nowadays work from home on urgent advice from the government. Working from home is fine, of course, but you must ensure that you can work properly.

In addition to a good monitor at the right height, the keyboard and mouse / trackpad that you use is also important. Many Mac users will use an Apple keyboard and mouse / trackpad. But there are also very good and even better alternatives, which are also cheaper.


Logitech MX Keys for Mac

The Logitech MX Keys for Mac is a full-size keyboard that is also released as a Mac version in addition to a Windows version. The Mac version has been completely adapted for use with Apple products. You connect the keyboard to your Mac via Bluetooth Low Energy, so no special 2.4Ghz dongle is needed. In addition to an on / off switch, there are also indicator lights for caps lock and battery status.

The keyboard looks very solid and has a very neat finish. Since it is a full-size keyboard, there is a number pad and cursor pad. The space-gray color scheme of the keyboard fits seamlessly with my MacBook with the same color. This immediately gives a certain form of rest on your desk, in contrast to the white Apple keyboards.

Keyboard lighting

Unlike the Apple keyboards, Logitech has provided the keyboard with lighting so that you can also find the function keys in a dark environment. Remote sensors determine whether the lighting should be activated.

The use of the lighting obviously affects the battery life. That is why you can decide for yourself whether you want to use the lighting, because you can switch off the lighting via the special Logi Options app.

Keyboard in practice

The most important thing about a keyboard is of course whether it types well. There is enough space between the keys, and because they have a spherical structure, you can feel the keys very well.

The typing itself is fairly quiet, yet somewhat audible, which is normal with a keyboard that doesn’t rest entirely on the underlying surface. The keystroke is very fine due to the use of a scissor mechanism and corresponds to the Magic Keyboard from Apple.

If you want to type even more comfortably, you can purchase the matching Logitech keyboard hand rest. This makes you work more ergonomically and is better for your hand and wrists. Unfortunately, it is not included as standard.

Battery life

The keyboard has a built-in battery that you can charge with the included USB-C cable. Handy because you can charge the keyboard directly from your MacBook. When you use the keyboard lighting, the keyboard will last for about ten days with intensive use. If you switch off the lighting, the battery life can be extended to 4 to 5 months.

Use with multiple devices

A big advantage of the Logitech MX Keys keyboard is that you can use it with multiple devices. You can connect the keyboard to three different devices. With the help of the three special easy-switch keys you can easily switch between the linked devices. For example, you can use the keyboard for your iMac during the day and connect it to your iPad with one key in the evening.

Logitech MX Master 3 for Mac mouse

In addition to a good keyboard, you also need a good mouse. The Logitech MX Master 3 mouse fits perfectly with the MX keys keyboard in terms of design. You can connect the mouse to your Mac using Bluetooth Low Energy. A 2.4Ghz Unifying dongle is also included in the package.

The mouse uses a special ‘Darkfield’ high precision sensor with a nominal DPI of 1000, the range of the sensor is between 200 and 4000 DPI. The DPI can be increased in steps of 50 DPI.

The mouse in practice

The first thing you notice when using the MX Master 3 mouse is that it fits comfortably in the hand. It feels more robust and heavier than Apple’s Magic Mouse. When using it you immediately get the feeling that you have something firmer in your hand.

The mouse has a wing on the left side on which you can rest your thumb. Here you also have direct access to some special function buttons that you can configure yourself via the Logi Options app. Due to the use of the wing, the mouse is not suitable for users who want to operate it left-handed.

The scroll wheel on top of the MX Master 3 works quietly, quickly and is very precise. This is especially noticeable when scrolling through long pages. There is a scroll wheel for both vertical and horizontal scrolling. Scrolling horizontally takes some getting used to, but after that it can be very useful for various apps. Think of apps that use a time-line such as iMovie and Final Cut Pro.

Seven self-configurable buttons

A big advantage of the MX Master 3 mouse compared to Apple’s magic mouse is the possibility to use 7 buttons to which you can link certain actions. Think of simple actions such as going back or forward a page. But there are also Mac apps where an extra mouse button can be very useful. You can set per button what should be executed.

Like the keyboard, the mouse can also be connected to multiple devices, with the easy-switch buttons you can switch between the different devices.

Simple charging

Just like the MX Keys for Mac, you can also charge the MX Master 3 mouse with the included USB-C cable. This connection can be found on the front of the mouse and unlike the Magic Mouse on the bottom. This allows you to use it while charging. By applying fast charging you can use the mouse again for 3 hours after a one minute fast charge.

Logitech MX Keys and MX Master 3 for Mac

Both the MX Keys for Mac keyboard and the MX Master 3 mouse are high-quality products that can hardly be faulted. They are easy to pair, work seamlessly with macOS and have additional buttons and options. The keyboard types nicely and quietly, while the mouse allows you to work accurately on the screen.

Both products are not the cheapest. However, the Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad from Apple is much more expensive than the MX Keys for Mac keyboard. For the lower price you also get a lot of extra functionality from Logitech.

Logitech MX Keys and MX Master 3 for Mac Pros:

  • Nice keyboard to use, great typing and contains all Apple function keys
  • Equipped with backlight lighting behind all keys
  • Can be connected to three different devices (including iPad)
  • MX Master 3 mouse is quiet, fast and very precise up to 4000 DPI
  • Mouse contains additional function buttons
  • Long battery life and easy charging via USB-C

Logitech MX Keys and MX Master 3 for Mac Cons:

  • Keyboard palm rest must be purchased separately
  • Mouse is only suitable for right-handed use

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