We ested the Philips LatteGo 2200 automatic espresso machine and let you know what we found. This article could safely fall into the pandemic waste section, except for one detail. I am a fan of coffee and the art of coffee, which I have been trying to learn for years. So much so that on the old planet we left behind, I traveled to get the best coffees in the world.


Phillips LatteGo 2200 Review

Although we have a Dolce Gusto coffee maker, which gave us excellent coffees and the most diverse varieties of lattes. Finally, and sometimes a little later than ideal, you realize several things.

Dolce Gusto automatic coffee machine:

  • Discarded pods pollute, and by the time we got down to that detail, we opted to use the stainless steel Dgpod system, the first version, which though. allows you to taste various beans, it is very good, but with some types of coffee grind it does not work really well. In addition, this first version needs the paper coffee filters. That they run out and are hard to find.
  • Let’s add that the price of capsule boxes are getting higher and higher. We could even say that they are ridiculously expensive. But as my grandmother said, scabies with pleasure does not itch, so it is what it is.
  • Although Dolce Gusto launches new flavors continuously, some that you like are discontinued, and finally, it is still a mix of ingredients of ground coffee + milk and powdered and chemical flavorings. Something that finally attends to the pure cult of coffee.

Versus fully automatic espresso machines

  • When we refer to fully automatic espresso machines, we are talking about those that take the whole coffee bean and deliver the completely finished product. This is good to clarify, since there are traditional espresso machines for the home, but they work only with pre-ground coffee.
  • They are more complex to handle, start-up can be somewhat complicated and require both weekly and monthly maintenance. They are comfortable machines when it comes to making high quality coffee, but it takes work and you have to learn how to do it.
  • They are expensive, but if you prorate the long-term cost of buying capsules over buying ground coffee beans, they are cheaper and the quality of the product obtained is far superior. Even that of many bars and cafes in the city.
  • If you are unwilling to learn the art of the barista, something that takes a lot of time and practice, it may not be worth the expense. This does not mean that you cannot use it, since it is very easy, but that you may not be able to appreciate the “why” of that expense and that effort in learning to infuse (brew, also applicable to the art of making beer) coffee.

Who is the winner of this duel? I think none, since it depends a lot on the taste, desire and appreciation of each person’s coffee. For example, if you like American-type filter coffee, or Afro-Arab coffee with eraser. Neither of them is your coffee maker, since they have completely different production processes.

Philips LatteGo 2200 Automatic Espresso Machine Review

The packaging of the coffee maker is as elegant as it is. The fully assembled LatteGo with the stylish attached milk frother. After taking it out of the box, as I mentioned earlier, the start-up has its complexity. For simplicity, I am going to share an original Philips video in English, but then I will detail the steps.

First installation of the Phillips LatteGo 2200 Series

  1. Slide the front water tank with the handle on its side, fill it to the maximum and replace it.
  2. Remove the airtight lid that covers the coffee bean container, cover it with beans up to the maximum amount and close the lid again.
  3. Put a bowl under the hot water dispenser and turn on the machine. It flashes in a circle around the 4 main drinks, that means it is heating the water When you finish flashing, you will pour hot water into the bowl to clean the mechanism for the first time. It is a noisy but necessary process.
  4. When finished, the Aqua Clean filter warning light turns Red: Notice to activate the Aqua Clean filter.
  5.  This indicates that the Aqua Clean filter can be fitted. For this, you have to remove the filter from the packaging bag, shake it for 5 seconds, immerse it in a bowl with water for a minute and then remove the water container forward, empty it, press the Aqua Clean filter and fill the bowl again. with water.
  6. Put a bowl of water back, press the Aqua Clean filter button and hit play, hot water will come out and the machine will activate the filter. When the filter is active it lights up with a blue light.
  7. The last necessary step is to know the degree of hardness of the water. This is important as it will avoid descaling the coffee machine and the filter often. Along with the accessories that come in the package is a test strip with 4 test cells. You have to immerse it in water for 2 seconds and wait for some of the squares to change color.
  8. To adjust the machine to the hardness of the water, turn on the machine and press the button for the number of grains for 5 seconds.
  9. Press the bean button until it is at the same level as the reagent. In this case it would be 2 less.
  10. Press play to leave the water hardness setting active.


The machine is now ready to use and the rest of the process can be followed on video, which despite the language is very visual, making it very easy to follow and understand.

How did my first espresso come out? Look how

The flavor of an espresso from the bean to the cup is incomparable, in this case it was a Hispanic five, but you can also buy more specialized cafes on the internet and neighborhood stores such as The Coffe Store or even Mercado Libre. The machine, in addition to espresso, delivers hot water, American coffee and cappuccino. It is important to know that you can also use ground coffee instead of coffee beans, also obtaining a very high quality coffee if the raw material is good.

To finish, I have to add that the purchase was made in the Musimundo online store, which I am not going to talk about because it is so bad that it does not resist an explanation, but it had 12 installments without interest. Something key in these times.

Conclusion of the Philips LatteGo 2231 automatic espresso machine

Despite its steep price tag, if you love coffee and aspire at some point to get close to a barista’s acquaintance, I highly recommend this coffee maker. As a weak point, you could say that you have to spend time on maintenance. How to grease some of its parts monthly and that the reviews say that the foamer does not produce a super consistent foam, although from my point of view enough. Without a doubt, a great update to move to the next level of the coffee universe.


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