The Realme continues to advance in its quest to create an ecosystem of connected products. At the center of this ecosystem is the mobile phone and several satellites come out of it in the form of headphones, bracelets and smartwatches. And it is precisely smartwatches today, and if we have already analyzed the Realme Watch and the Realme Watch S, today it is the turn of the Realme Watch S Pro, the latest addition to the brand’s catalog.


Realme Watch S Pro Review

In Xpert4U we have been with this watch on our wrist for a few days to bring you this, its corresponding analysis. It is a watch that seeks to compete in the lowest price range. It does not aspire to compete against an Apple Watch, a Samsung Galaxy Watch or a TicWatch, but rather seeks to be a useful accessory for the user at a lower price. How is it behaving? Let’s see it.

Realme Watch S Pro Datasheet

DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 257.6 x 46 x 11 mm
63.5 grams
454 x 454 pixels
326 dpi
450 nits
Gorilla Glass
STRAP 22 millimeters
152-223 mm
Glonass GPS chip
SENSORS Six-axis
accelerometer Heart rate sensor
Up to 14 days
REQUIREMENTS Android 5.0 or higher
iOS 9.0 or higher
CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth 5.0
Control Camera Control
Find Phone
Blood Oxygen Measurement
Sleep Detection
16 Sports Modes
PRICE 129.99 euros

Realme Watch S Pro Design: Now in stainless steel

If the Realme Watch S was “quite a giant step over the previous generation,” as we discussed in its review, the Realme Watch S Pro is more of an iteration, an incremental improvement of said device. Mind you, it ‘s an upgrade that feels really good. Realme has replaced aluminum with stainless steel, something that makes the watch feel more robust and a lot more premium.

And in that sense, there are two possible preferences: those who prefer a light watch and those who prefer a heavy watch. I’m one of the seconds. When a device weighs, it conveys a certain premium feeling and I personally like to feel like I am wearing the watch on my wrist. The Realme Watch S weighs 48 grams with strap, while the Pro model amounts to 63 grams. They are 15 grams of difference, nothing, but enough to improve the experience a lot.

For the rest, the design of the watch has not changed much. The Realme Watch S has a nice polished aluminum finish and the Realme Watch S Pro is committed to something similar, but in black, in my opinion, more elegant and less urban. The watch case measures 46 millimeters and in it we only find the two buttons on the right side.

The top button is used to turn the screen or the clock on and off if we leave it pressed and the bottom button to quickly start the exercise app. The buttons click a little bit, nothing out of the ordinary, and they have a good run. They are easily accessible and relatively large, so no problem in that regard. The only “negative”, in quotes, is that neither of the two buttons can be remapped.

If we turn it around we will see the heart rate sensor with its two green LEDs, the pulse oximeter, aka SpO2 sensor with its red LED on the right and the two POGO pins at the bottom. Nothing weird. As we can see, it is a watch that follows the recipe of the Realme Watch S and that improves some aspects related to the feeling in hand and the materials.

It is also convenient to stop and talk about the leash. The strap of previous Realme smartwatches did not quite convince, but now it is. Before the feeling was similar to that of the Amazfit Bip, but the silicone that Realme has used in its new watch feels much better, more premium, less ductile and more durable.

It has a conventional buckle closure that works perfectly and is 152-223mm in length. It is 22 millimeters and uses a standard clasp, so it can be exchanged for any 22 millimeter strap that we buy or have at home.

It is, in short, a watch that feels much more worked and better finished than previous models. Now we do have a watch that feels premium and whose design convinces. Although it is heavy, it is comfortable to wear in the day to day (not so much when we sleep, since it is quite large) and when doing sports. It is, in short, a smartwatch that without being up to its 200-300 euro counterparts, is quite good.

Realme Watch S Pro Display: Welcome AMOLED technology

When we analyzed the Realme Watch we complained that the screen was IPS and that it looked a little bad. Then came the Realme Watch S, which continued to bet on IPS panels and improved the display of content. And finally, with the arrival of the Realme Watch S Pro, Realme has decided to make the leap to AMOLED panels, a technology that is appreciated in watches because it greatly improves visibility in broad daylight.

The screen of the Realme Watch S Pro is somewhat larger than that of the Realme Watch S, since it amounts to 1.39 inches or 3.5 centimeters, as you prefer to say it. It has a resolution of 424 x 424 pixels, ergo 326 pixels per inch, and it’s really good. The maximum brightness level that it delivers is correct, the colors are better achieved than in previous generations and the blacks, now yes, are pure. The resolution is more than enough to not see pixels of any kind from a safe distance and to see the lyrics and content perfectly.

But we still have a generous frame surrounding the screen, although not as exaggerated as having the Lindahl Watch S. Realme continues to draw the minute hand in that frame to, at least, give it some sense, although it must be recognized that the company has carried out some work to improve the front / frame relationship and it is appreciated.

The screen can be seen perfectly in broad daylight and the maximum brightness level is sufficient. It has automatic brightness and responds quickly to changes in ambient lighting, but if you prefer to have the brightness set to manual, you can set it from the settings. I personally recommend leaving the brightness on automatic because it works very well.

And so far so good, but it’s time to get the hang of it. The first is that the fingerprints are very marked on the glass of the clock, so if you are a tad maniac with cleaning, be warned. The second is that the glass is slightly curved on the sides. What does that mean? Depending on how you give it light, we can suffer from unwanted reflections. We saw this same problem in the Realme Watch S.

Regarding the customization options, we can choose between different watchfaces both from the watch (where we can store up to nine) and from the mobile itself, where we can access a catalog of about 100 covers. There are some more beautiful and others less beautiful, but in the end it is a matter of taste. In any case, we always have the option of using a photo from our gallery as the cover. What we can’t do is install more watchfaces.

And finally, let’s talk about screen interaction. Obviously it is tactile (what less) and responds perfectly to our gestures. We can wake it up by pressing the upper button or making a gesture with the wrist, a gesture that works well and quickly. To turn it off we have the option of using the upper button or the possibility of covering the panel with your hand. As a recommendation, deactivate the gesture of waking up the screen when you go to sleep.

Realme Watch S Pro Performance: Basic, but sufficient

And how does the watch behave on a day-to-day basis? Well, let’s start at the beginning. The watch is compatible with iOS and Android thanks to the fact that Realme Link, Realme’s management app, arrived on iOS relatively recently. The operating system is proprietary, which has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it is quite efficient and works considerably better than in the previous models. On the other hand, it is a closed operating system, so we cannot install third-party applications as we can in WatchOS or Wear OS.

In other words, we will have to settle for the applications that are pre-installed by default. If we want to expand functions with other apps it will not be possible. In any case, the ones that come pre-installed are more than enough to exploit the watch to the fullest. That said, let’s review what the clock offers us at the interface interaction level:

  • Swiping down: we open the notification panel.
  • Sliding up: we open the application drawer.
  • Swiping right or left: quick settings panel, day summary, time, sleep, heart rate, music control

The scrolling between screens is fast and fluid and, finally, it has animations. The Realme Watch S also responded well to gestures, but switching screens was like a slide show, so it seemed that the watch was not working well. In this new watch that has been fixed and now there is a transition between screens, so minipoint for Realme.

The information on the screens is perfectly visible to the naked eye (after all, the screen is a little bigger) and the colors are much more appreciated thanks to the AMOLED technology. Although the app drawer is the same (vertical arrangement in rows of three apps) and has the same icons, they look much brighter and more beautiful.

Realme Watch S Pro Apps

What the apps have? Let’s go by parts. We have a compass that we will have to calibrate before using it for the first time, the weather app (which can show an automatic or manual location), an app to do breathing exercises, stopwatch, timer, find my mobile and an exercise log.

In addition to these, we have other interesting apps that are quite useful. The first is camera control. This will allow us to operate the mobile camera remotely, ideal for taking stabilized photos from a distance. It’s a shame that it only shows the shutter button and doesn’t allow you to see a preview of what the camera is capturing in real time.

Then we have the musical control, which is just as basic as in previous models but just as useful. We can control the playback of the music that is playing on the mobile (change songs, pause and continue), but we can neither store music locally nor access our playlists. It would also have been a hoot if it was possible to control music playback during exercise, but no, you can’t.

Thus we go on to talk about health and we begin with the heart rate. The watch is capable of measuring our frequency every five, ten, 20 or thirty minutes and even warning us when we exceed or fall below a certain heart rate. The measurement seems accurate to us and we have not noticed any problem with the measurement. In any case, let us remember that it is not a medical device.

Heart rate

The device is also capable of measuring sleep , something that it perfectly detects on its own. The reports are complete and they break down the time we have spent sleeping, the phases we have gone through and the heart rate. It’s hard to say how accurate the reports are because we’re asleep, sure, but the analytics match our mood the next day.


As for the SpO2 sensor, mixed feelings. It does not work automatically, but we are the ones who have to open the app and do a test manually. This causes the function to measure blood oxygen to go slightly unnoticed on a day-to-day basis. The measurement seems accurate, but again, better not to take it as an absolute truth, but as an orientation without more.


When it comes to the functions of a smartwatch, such as seeing / answering notifications and calls and interacting with assistants, the Realme Watch S Pro continues to fall short. It is true that it allows you to see notifications on the wrist, but we can only delete and read them, not respond to them. The same with calls, which we can reject, but not accept. There is also no voice assistant accessible and therefore we cannot control our connected product ecosystem.

Theoretically, Realme is working on an app for the watch that allows to control the ecosystem of products under the Realme Link umbrella, but that app has not yet arrived. And it makes sense, because right now the Realme ecosystem, at least in Spain, consists of a security camera and little else. Maybe later it will be interesting, when the ecosystem is more complete, it is convenient to revisit the device and see how it performs, but for the moment, what there is is what there is.

In short, it is a watch that, although it improves on its predecessors in some respects, is still just as basic. That’s bad? Not at all, it is simply not as complete as other options on the market which, of course, are more expensive. Demanding users may be missing features, but that does not mean that the Realme Watch S Pro is not capable of meeting the needs of the most basic users.

Like any smart watch worth its salt, the Realme Watch S Pro can also be a companion during our sports sessions. This time, Realme offers us the following sports modes: running outdoors, running indoors, “walking” outdoors, “walking” indoors, cycling outdoors, dynamic cycling, “walking”, swimming in pool, yoga, rowing machine, elliptical trainer, cricket, strength training and free exercise.

Leaving aside the translation of “cricket” for “cricket” and “walked”, which really is the characteristic way of walking of a person and not a synonym for “walk”, which is what I should put, the list seems to us somewhat scarce. It does not have such popular sports as soccer, basketball or tennis, for example. It is more focused on casual sports, such as running or gym activities. For everything else you will have to use the “free exercise” mode aka catch-all.

During the exercise we can see some metrics, such as steps, heart rate, etc., but not control the music, as we mentioned before. The session report is not particularly comprehensive either and has room for improvement. For example, in two walking sessions we recorded heart rate and distance, but not steps, cadence, or calories burned.


GPS seems accurate to us. It takes about 30 seconds to fix us, but when it does the connection is stable. The registered route seems faithful to the one traveled, but we have run into a small bug in the application that causes the Google Maps map to not load correctly. Most likely it is a specific bug that can be solved with an update of the app.

Realme Watch S Pro Battery: one week exploiting it to the fullest

We end this review talking about the battery. Inside the Realme Watch S Pro we find 420 mAh that offer us up to two weeks of autonomy, a very good figure and that is relatively frequent in the most basic smartwatches. However, it should be noted that the final autonomy will depend on how much or little we use the watch, whether or not we use GPS a lot, etc.

We, with everything activated and the Always On mode operational, have reached five days including a 40-minute GPS session. The GPS is important, because it consumes a lot of battery. In any case, there is no doubt that by deactivating the Always On mode and without exploiting the GPS so much we can easily reach at least ten days of autonomy.

Charging is carried out on a charging base with two POGO pins that must coincide with those found at the bottom of the watch. The base is magnetized and has a lot of strength, something that I personally appreciate. To fully charge it we will need about two hours. It is not the lowest figure on the market, but it is not problematic if we take into account the autonomy and much less if we put it to charge at night.

The Realme Watch S Pro is what we would have liked to see in the Realme Watch S Pro. It is a better built watch, with much more sensible components for a smartwatch, such as the AMOLED screen, and with an integrated GPS chip (which works that way, it is true, but subject to improvement with future updates). It’s a better smartwatch, no doubt, but not a perfect smartwatch .

The watch’s operating system is still too basic. In the end, and saving the distances in terms of form factor and size, it is still a large quantifying bracelet like the Xiaomi Mi Watch. There are much cheaper devices that have similar functions to the Realme Watch S Pro. And perhaps that is its main problem, that it does not offer anything really new to the smartwatch sector.

That is not to say that it is not a good product, because it is. Better than its predecessors, in fact, although with some aspects to polish in the software. The Realme Watch S Pro will be able to meet the needs of users who want a wearable in the shape of a watch, capable of receiving notifications and monitoring their runs. However, it will begin to fall short of the minimum that we want to do something beyond, such as answering notifications, a call or using a voice assistant.

Realme Watch S Pro Score:

  1. Design: 7.75
  2. Screen: 8
  3. Software: 7.5
  4. Autonomy: 8.5
  5. Interface: 8.25
Realme Watch S Pro Pros:
  • Good autonomy.
  • Much more premium design than previous generations.
  • The AMOLED screen looks great on you.
Realme Watch S Pro Cons:
  • The operating system is too basic.
  • It is not part of a larger ecosystem.
  • Like the Realme Watch S, it falls somewhere between a smartwatch and a quantifying bracelet.

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