Review Sharkoon Monitor Stand Power. Normally, all monitors usually have their own support or base that allows us to place it on the table and be able to work with it comfortably. However, most of the time these supports are usually fixed, not adjustable, and for some the base height of the same is usually too low, causing neck and back pain when many hours are spent in front of it. To solve these problems, there are some monitor stands on the market that allow us to easily raise them, and one of the most complete that we can find is the Sharkoon Monitor Stand Power.

Sharkoon Monitor Stand Power Review and Technical Specifications

The Sharkoon Monitor Stand Power monitor stand is a 1.3 mm thick steel structure specially designed to allow us to lift the monitor from the table and thus achieve a much more ergonomic posture for the back and neck. In addition to serving as a base, this support has a USB HUB with 4 USB 3.0 ports that will allow us to connect any device to the computer easily without having to bend down to place it on the tower.

Another feature of this monitor stand is that it has a Qi charging base. In this way we will be able to charge any compatible smartphone or other devices, such as mice, simply by placing them on said base, on top of the support. The output power of this charger is 5W. The size of this monitor mount is 58cm x 19cm x 7.3cm. In addition, its structure makes it resistant to support up to 20 kg of weight.

Unboxing, analysis and first impressions of the Sharkoon Monitor Stand Power

The Sharkoon Monitor Stand Power monitor stand comes in a mostly white rigid cardboard box. In the upper part of it we can see a photo of the support as such, while in the back we will see a summary with the main characteristics and specifications of it.

We open the box and inside we can find the support, properly packed and protected from possible bumps and scratches. Along with the support we will find a simple instruction manual thanks to which we can see all the characteristics of this support.

In addition to the manual, we will find a USB cable to connect the HUB to the computer, as well as the corresponding transformers that will allow us to power both the Qi charger and the devices connected to the HUB. As we can see, the support is made of a steel structure (black, in this case) with a very simple design. At the top we will find only the Sharkoon logo, in addition to the Qi charger on the right side of the support.

The lower part of the support is simple, it does not hide anything other than the HUB (also on the right side) to which we can connect the USB and the current transformer. The legs are simple, with rubber finishes so that it does not slip, and they are part of the steel structure.

Sharkoon Monitor Stand Power Monitor Stand Tests

In addition to serving to hold our monitor, this support has two other main purposes. On the one hand, we are going to find the Qi charger that we can use to charge any device with wireless charging. We can use it, for example, to charge a smartphone or to charge a mouse like the new Sharkoon Skiller SGM3. Just placing the device on top of the Qi charger will automatically start charging.

In addition to Qi charging, we also have 4 USB 3.0 ports that we can use both to connect and charge devices and to transfer data with the computer. The speed to be USB 3.0 is more than acceptable, so we will not have speed problems when transferring data to our computer through this HUB.

The stand, as we have said, has a robust structure, so we can use it without problems to place practically any monitor. Although it has enough space for any type of support, ours, for example, has fallen a bit short. It is not dangerous, since it supports the screen perfectly, but a little more depth would have been appreciated. Finally, indicate that at the bottom we can place a keyboard without problems so that our desk is collected when we are not using the computer.

Personal opinion of the support Sharkoon Monitor Stand Power

Although all monitors today come with a stand, only the highest-end (the most expensive) allow the height of the screen to be adjusted. This causes that, sometimes, the screen of our computer is at a very low height, making us take a position that, not at all, is correct.

Thanks to this support we will be able to raise the height of our screen a little to be more comfortable sitting in front of the computer. In addition, thanks to him we will be able to have our desk more orderly and organized. We are going to have a space under the support that we can use to store the keyboard, for example. Or to place anything we want instead of having it circling on the table.

If we have a mouse with Qi charge, or a smartphone, this support will also help us to charge it. And since USB ports are never enough, thanks to the Sharkoon Monitor Stand Power we will be able to have 4 larger ports. And we will also have them much closer to hand than if they were in the back of the tower.

Sharkoon Monitor Stand Power Pros:

  • Sturdy steel stand for all types of monitors.
  • Qi charger for smartphones and mice.
  • USB 3.0 HUB that allows us to add 4 USB ports.
  • Anti-slip base so that the screen does not move.
  • Very good quality and price considering its benefits.

Sharkoon Monitor Stand Power Cons:

  • We miss that it was a bit wider, for monitors with larger stands.
  • Qi charging is not fast charging (it only puts out 5W).
  • It has no RGB.

For all these reasons, we have decided to give this Sharkoon Monitor Stand Power our H&J platinum award, highlighting above all its quality and price.

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